Recom. Shop

Negozi consigliati da cui ho acquistato:

Recommended shops where I bought:


Happy Zakka Life (Stationery, Washi, sticky notes, stamp and other.)
Mieryaw (Stationery, Washi, sticky notes, stickers, stamp and other.)
HobbiesFrontTheHeart  (Paper goodies and everyday wear accessories)

OsitotShop  (Stationery and Decor)

2Gaa8 (Stationery, Stickers Bookmarks)
Anygaga  (Mini Paper Masking Tape)
TinyBees (Stickers, stamp, sticky notes, card and packaging)
DubuDumo (Planner, Sticky notes, stickers, tape, stamp, and other.)


Mochithings (Stationery)
Bento&Co. (Bento, Kitchenwear, Food and Stationery)
Kikki k. (Store Australiano. L'unico problema negli acquisti in questo store sono le tasse doganali)
Yozocraft (Stationery and Craft Supplies)


ItFriendx2013 (Molang Accessories and Stationery)
Prima Diva (Martha Stewart tab and sticky notes)
MaysChoice (Stationery and Planner)
HelloStationery (Stationery and Planner)


MyRicci (Stationery, sticky notes and washi)

Modcloth (Vintage Style, Clothing, Accessories and Decor)
Store Americano, spese doganali)
SugarBat  (Rockabilly and Pin up Clothing)
Lidan Cosplay  (Cosplay clothing)

Cute-Art 51 (Totoro Stuff)

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